Why I love it...


Becoming a mother is an amazing part of a woman's life, you become someone you never imagined you could be at the same time you can lose or let go of a lot of things you enjoyed before you become a mother. For me spending an hour getting my makeup just perfect in the morning was no longer and option and I didn't miss it all the time but there were days that I just wanted to look how I felt... Beautiful, strong, and put together. I decided to have my eyebrows and eyeliner permanently tattooed on and waking up to that look just made each morning that much easier! I no longer needed to spend and hour to have the perfect brows and even eyeliner it was just there. SO even on those days when just getting out of the house with everyone in shoes was an accomplishment i was still able to look how I knew I felt inside, beautiful, strong and put together. 


Natural looking


Microblading & permanent makeup

Microblading uses a very small blade to deposit pigment under the skin, giving the appearance of hair. It can be used by those who want to toss their eyebrow pencil, or it can be used in more extreme cases such as for patients with hair loss.

Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique which employs tattoos (permanent pigmentation of the dermis) as a means of producing designs that resemble makeup, such as eye lining and other permanent enhancing colors to the skin of the face, lips, and eyelids.

Micropigmentation (semi-permanent makeup) procedures are affected by the “canvas” (your skin) that they are performed on. Lifestyle, medications, smoking, metabolism, facial surgery and other procedures, and age of skin all contribute to fading. The initial application is always applied conservatively because every person’s skin is different and the final color can only be precisely determined and adjusted during a follow-up appointment after the initial application has fully healed.  Because of this, the micropigmentation process is not complete after the initial procedure. In all cases, a follow-up appointment is required approximately 30-90 days after your initial application to fine tune and ensure the best result.  
Though rare, infection is possible. If you see signs of infection such as persistent increased redness or swelling, fever, drainage, or oozing, contact your doctor immediately.